About us

Nets was born in early 2000s and its main objective is to provide different services like:

    • Design, realization installation and maintenance of wireless network, WAN, LAN, RAC, CED room.
    • Assembly and installation of PC
    • Installation and configuration of company server
    • Installation and management of antivirus programs
    • Hosting with dedicated server for website management
    • Firewall and cyber security
    • Advice for companies and privates

Thanks to collaboration with tecnical experts, we can also offer:

    • Graphic realization and websites
    • Management solutions
    • Videosecurity and anti-theft
    • Switchboards and telephonic systems


The features/traits that characterise us are reliability, timeliness and correctness in performing our job.

We are always happy to listen to the customer’s needs and choose together the best solution/path.



Our schedules:
Mon-Fri 9.00/12.30-14.00/18.00
Sat 9.00/12.00 (only interventions agreed)